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No football for you: and other implications of sloppy WA Bill to restrict freedom to protest

Should football tackles be illegal in Western Australia? How about stopping a toddler – or someone distracted by their mobile phone – from walking in front of a car? If you answered “of course not, don’t be silly”, you should … Continue reading

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Could Ben Chifley get preselection today? Some evidence on current backgrounds

Frequently we hear that politicians are drawn from too narrow a range of backgrounds; and that this is a problem for Labor in particular due to its connections with the trade union movement; and in particular in the Senate, due … Continue reading

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Benefits of Disability Discrimination Commissioner well worth the cost

This is a piece I wrote in May 2014. It didn’t get published then – I’m digging it up and publishing it now prompted by the untimely passing of the excellent Stella Young, and her comments on the limitations of … Continue reading

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Links on climate change and environment

News sites |  FAQs and responding to climate denial | General resources on climate change | Climate science|  Climate change: advocacy and policy | Renewable energy research, finance and industry bodies | State and Territory government sites | Other climate change links | Online courses on climate change |Australian environmental organisations – general | Other environmental links … Continue reading

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For the record: Labor Senators defending the Clean Energy package – 2013-14

Ensuring each Bill is considered | Clean Energy Finance Corporation abolition Bill | Climate Change Authority abolition Bill For the record, here are speeches by Labor Senators in December 2013 and February 2014 resisting Tony Abbott’s unilateral surrender of Australia’s defences … Continue reading

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For the record: Labor Members of Parliament defending the clean energy package in 2013 Speeches by Labor Members in the House of Representatives standing up for climate action and supporting an emissions trading scheme. Have a look particularly at Dr … Continue reading

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About this blog

Mostly this blog will be about action on climate change, but I might post some other stuff from time to time, such as on human rights including disability rights. Climate change posts on this site are mostly written as drafts … Continue reading

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