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Links on climate change and environment

News sites |  FAQs and responding to climate denial | General resources on climate change | Climate science|  Climate change: advocacy and policy | Renewable energy research, finance and industry bodies | State and Territory government sites | Other climate change links | Online courses on climate change |Australian environmental organisations – general | Other environmental links … Continue reading

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For the record: Labor Senators defending the Clean Energy package – 2013-14

Ensuring each Bill is considered | Clean Energy Finance Corporation abolition Bill | Climate Change Authority abolition Bill For the record, here are speeches by Labor Senators in December 2013 and February 2014 resisting Tony Abbott’s unilateral surrender of Australia’s defences … Continue reading

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What impacts will climate change have on sport?

As a nation, our love of sport and the outdoors is just one reason we need to do our share in preventing as much of global warming as we can. Sports bodies and industries need to adopt strategies to respond … Continue reading

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Transport and climate change

Does climate change mean we all need to give up our cars?  Is public transport greener than using cars?  Are hybrid vehicles part of the answer?  Cars  Buses and trucks  Rail  What’s happening with electric cars and bikes?  What’s happening … Continue reading

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Local government and climate change

Why should people interested in climate change be interested in local government? Weren’t there claims about local government in Tony Abbott’s campaign against climate action? What roles do local governments have about climate change? Where can I find information from … Continue reading

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Infrastructure and climate change

What impacts could climate change have on existing infrastructure? Is climate change already having expensive and disruptive impacts on infrastructure? Which airports are most threatened by sea level rise? What roles could there be for infrastructure policy and investment on … Continue reading

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“Direct action”

 Where can I find information on “direct action”?  Do economists and other experts support “direct action”?  Isn’t direct action against climate change better than a trading mechanism no-one understands?  What did Treasury say about an ETS versus “direct action”?  Who … Continue reading

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